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The Blacksmith (Maddy Prior); The Broken Token (Cyril Tawney); Cob-A-Coaling (The Watersons); Go & Leave Me (Peta Webb); The Mower (AL Lloyd); Four Loom Weaver (Roy Bailey); Two Brethren (Dave Weatherall + Martin Hall): Up In The North (Linda Adams): Constant Lovers (Martyn Wyndham Read); Brisk Young Widow (Peter Bellamy); Sweet William's Ghost (Hughie Jones); The Fowler (Patti Reid); 18th Day Of June (The Wilsons); Lord Randall (Bram Taylor); Old Brown's Daughter (Damien Barber); Banks Of Green Willow (Frankie Armstrong); King Jamie & The Tinkler (John Kirkpatrick); Young Emma (Martin Carthy); Come Write Me Down (The Arthur Family); I Would That The Wars Were All Done (Roy Harris); The Banks Of Sweet Mossom (Shirley Collins); William Taylor (Dave Burland); Noah's Ark Shanty (Swan Arcade); The Bonny Boy (June Tabor); Felton Lonnen/Here's The Tender Coming (Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies).

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