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Screaming Sap: Vralkada; Rodney’s: Brumley Brae/Saratoga Hornpipe; Anton And Erick’s: Nyset; TV Set: Sheehan’s Reel/Barrownburn Reel/Miller’s Reel; Kuati: Konvulsionslat/Tune From Kuwait; New Jigs: La Vielle Maclotte/The Weaver His Wife/My Dungannon Sweetheart; Troll: Trollens Brudmarsch/The Troll; Cowboy: Polka Chinois/Buffy Under a Boosch/The Cowboy Jig; Tanteeka: Polska/Tanteeka/Svah Schottis; Miss Susan Cooper: Captain Peterson of Melby/The Growling Old Man The Grumbling Old Woman/The Laurel Tree/Miss Susan Cooper; Hidden Track - Homage: La Bateau/Homage a Edmund Parizeau/Gamle Jes Sonnischen’s Styk.

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