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English traditional songs and their American variants. A double CD housed in an 80 page hardbacked book with notes written by Shirley Collins.

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The English Songs: Draggle-tail Gypsies-O - Benji Kirkpatrick; Polly Oliver - Emily Portman, Lauren McCormick; Locks And Bolts - Martyn Wyndham-Read; Babes In The Wood - The Copper Family; May Day Carol - Mary Humphreys & Anahata; The Cuckoo - The Devilís Interval; Ickfield Town - John Kirkpatrick; Young Man Cut Down In His Prime - Jim Causley; The Pretty Ploughboy - Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher; Barbrie Ellen - Mary Humphreys & Anahata; Tarry Trowsers - Emily Portman & Lauren McCormick; Bow Down To The Bonny Broom - John Kirkpatrick; As I Roved Out - Martyn Wyndham-Read; The Trees They Do Grow High - John Copper; Polly Vaughan - Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher; The Pricklie Bush - Jim Causley; Sovay - Benji Kirkpatrick; Rose Of Allendale - The Copper Family. The American Songs: Tarry Trousers - Jody Stecher; Locks And Bolts - Sara Grey; The Maid Freed From The Gallows - Tim Eriksen; Barbara Allen - Cassie Franklin with Southern Brew; Clayton Boone - Skip Gorman; Knoxville Girl - Sheila Kay Adams; Pretty Sylvia - Jeff Davis; The Devilís Nine Questions - Bruce Molsky; The May Day Carol - Jean Ritchie; Still Growing - Tim Eriksen; Babes In The Wood - Cassie Franklin with Southern Brew; Molly Varne - Kieron Means; The Simple Ploughboy - Bruce Molsky; The Cuckoo - Jean Ritchie; Pretty Polly Oliver - Jody Stecher; The Bad Girl (One Morning In May) - Sara Grey; The False Young Man - Kieron Means; Rose Of Allendale - Jeff Davis

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