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The third CD from this outstanding BBC Young Folk Award winning group. Folk On Tap magazine said “[their] playing is excellent, the arrangements inventive, the choice of tunes interesting and the whole imbued with the drive and energy of youth”.

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Finska Polka; Paddy’s Leather Britches/The Breakdown/The Stool of Repentance; Del Caro’s Hornpipe/Peveril Castle; McDermot’s Polka; Lopez Hornpipe/Rosewood Jig; Levantine’s Barrel/I Married a Wife Yet I Did Not/Doctor Morrison’s Seven Thistles; The Golden Rooster/East Winds; Trip to Scarborough/Himlen’s Polska; The Culfadda/Mary Clare/Archie Menzies; Ost og brød/Sounds Of The Underground; Young Scottie/Freeland’s Jig #2/Jim Anderson’s Favourite; Return from Helsinki/Schottis efter Magnus.

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