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The Maerlock features five of the country’s top young musicians. They present a fresh take on the songs of the British Isles as well as repertoire drawn from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Showcasing a 5-piece line-up of fiddle, flute/vocals, piano, guitar and percussion, the band has forged itself a unique sound characterised by driving rhythms and adventurous harmonies. Together they combine wide-ranging influences and experiences to create the original sound that folk has been waiting for. The CD has a bonus track by the 13 piece The Maerlock Big Band

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Macedonian Tune; I Drew My Ship Bide Lady Bide; Jigs; Searching For Lambs; Procrastination Reel; Niel Gow’s Lament; Come Ahead Charlie; Jungle queen; Two Ravens; Gerodie; Tullimet/Catharsis; BONUS TRACK: Jungle Queen (version 2)

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