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One-third of exciting folk-roots trio ‘The Queensberry Rules’, Phil Hulse has become an effective guitarist and vocalist with over 14 years live experience under his belt. Some commentators have been bemoaning the dearth of singer-songwriters making political or social comment. Enter Phil Hulse. Often rooted in his locality and always written from the perspective of everyday people, Phil tells it like it is and how it impinges on peoples’ lives. As well as contributing half the songs presented by The Queensberry Rules, Phil wanted to try some of his material in his own context and has selected various other musicians to enhance his material including Louise Peacock (best known for her work with Bryan Ferry and Tarras), session man supreme, Stevie Lawrence (formerly with the Scottish Band, Iron Horse, and currently with Canterach and Rallion) and Bob Hallard and Richard Adams (from the Manchester bands, Section Six and Coma Shock respectively). Essentially, though, it is Phil centre stage armed with his powerful vocal style and underpinned by tasteful guitar work. He has written a new collection of songs that are already winning praise and have been described as ‘poignant, topical and heart-felt’. Coupled with his ear for a good melody and his trademark hook-lines it has resulted in a compelling album.

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