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Gifted singer songwriter Gren Bartley carved himself a name in a duo with former BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards nominee Tom Kitching (see FECDs 202 & 222), with Maverick magazine describing them as “an excellent twinning of two outstanding rising talents.” Gren Bartley is now striking out solo (Tom is now a member of Pilgrims's Way - FECD239), tapping into his rich and prolific song writing reserves and effortlessly bridging the Atlantic divide with an acoustic spectrum ranging from English folk to moody American blues. The 13-track album is a significant showcase for his sensitive and sometimes quirky song writing. The genre-hopping album demonstrates Bartley’s strong, maturing voice alongside his acclaimed acoustic finger-picking guitar. With clear, driving rhythms and poetic lyrics it shapes a myriad musical landscape of people and places and opens a fresh chapter in Bartley’s career.

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