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This the third CD on LAKE Records for Ken Mathieson's Classic Jazz Orchestra. Rather than simply run through the jazz of the Classic Jazz era in a Trad Jazz style Ken Mathieson takes the tunes and arranges them in a modern context for his eight piece band. The result is a refreshing take on often well-worn tunes - " so much of it is due to Ken's brilliant arrangements" said Just Jazz magazine of a previous release. The Scotsman newspaper commented that "Mathieson's crisp and intelligent arrangements give an original twist to familiar tunes". Again, that is much in evidence on this release and reinforces the timeless quality of these Jazz tunes. Previous albums have been on particular themes and this one is no different. The guest is the hugely talented New Orleans based clarinettist, Evan Christopher. The tunes are associated with legendary clarinet players - Bechet, Bigard,Simeon, Hall, Noone and others. Christopher is undoubtedly the star. but the rest of the band rise give first class support.

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