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When Young Folk Award finalist, Tom Kitching and singer songwriter, Gren Bartley, released their debut album, ‘Rushes’(FECD202), in 2007 they set about picking up club and festival gigs and attracted many positive comments along the way. Maverick magazine described the duo as “an excellent twinning of two outstanding rising talents” and fRoots proclaimed that “the future looks bright for Tom and Gren”. Their new album is a result of them have gaining in maturity of performance through working together. Yet their music remains understated and delightfully unabashed. They modestly go about producing music which is superbly proficient and humbly honest and in so doing are attracting an army of fans.

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Track List
 Dressed To Roll  02:36
 Green Beds  03:59
 Malcolm's / Lass From Barrow  02:52
 Grateful For A Home  03:59
 Cow Cow Yicky Yicky Yea  03:15
 Old Sir Simon The King  03:17
 Norman's Christmas  03:03
 Russian Song  02:43
 Raspberry Bourée  02:14
10   Into Night  03:19
11   Parson's Farewell  02:30
12   Different Rooms  04:01
13   No More Auction Block  03:59
14   Autumn Wasp / Boris In The Bathroom  03:34
15   Dreams Lay Heavy / Jess's Waltz  05:39
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