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One of the finest of the younger generation of Northumbian Pipers. In a review of this album English Dance & Song magazine declared "From the panache of the opening reels to the rip-roaring closing 'Mulneiras' this is a varied and wide-ranging collection. Inspiring stuff!"

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Track List
 Swearybox  02:38
 Regular Climber Set  03:16
 All Night Long  04:30
 Five Four  05:05
 Nine Eight  02:30
 Ellington  03:41
 James Hill Set  03:58
 Arethusa  05:42
 Pipes Duet  04:15
10   Happy Hours  03:36
11   One Miner's Life  04:05
12   The Countess Of Galloway Set  04:27
13   Muiņeiras  03:37
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