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Joe’s debut solo album with Fellside Records and is a mix of traditional and original music. Sometimes bluesy, sometimes trad British and sometimes Americana in feel. The songs were mostly either written, inspired by or learned on his 1400 mile walk across America to raise money and awareness for the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund after Hurricane Katrina. Joe walked from Chicago and the shores Lake Michigan in the north, south to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico sleeping along the way in motels, cornfields, cotton fields, graveyards, backyards and sugar plantations, meeting musicians and characters along the road which have added to and inspired Joe’s own music. Joe is a member of Ashley Hutchings', The Rainbow Chasers, and also plays with the mightily impressive, Elbow Jane (also on the Fellside label).On this album Joe demonstrates he possesses one of best voices around, is a talented songwriter and no mean guitarist.

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Track List
 Circus Girl  04:38
 William McKenzie And The Devil  04:42
 Come Not When I Am Dead  03:12
 Holding On To Love  02:23
 Trouble  04:51
 Walking To New Orleans  02:26
 Bonny Light Horseman  05:14
 How High  03:47
 The Lakes Of Ponchartrain  05:38
10   All Coming Back To Me Now  03:28
11   The Last First Kiss  04:09
12   Little Red Rooster  02:42
13   Georgia On My Mind  03:58
14   She Moved Through The Fair (Live)  05:18
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