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A debut album from someone who is quite distinctive in terms of repertoire and performance. Lizzie's approach and highly individual songs raise her above the usual run of songwriters. Lizzie certainly stands out from the crowd and her material is accessible enough to get her noticed on a wider scale.

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Track List
 England Loves A Poor Boy (The Ballad Of Ernest Marke)  00:00
 Hungry  00:00
 Company Of Ghosts  00:00
 Exit Signs  00:00
 Can't Sleep  00:00
 On His 60th Birthday  00:00
 Pubs That Never Close  00:00
 The Sleepers  00:00
 First Time Lucky  00:00
10   Don't Dream Of Me  00:00
11   Concertina  00:00
12   Lullaby For Alice  00:00
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