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A group of five singer/songwriters and two poets were gathered in a house near to Hadrian's Wall and given the task of writing a cycle of songs and poems connected with the Wall. They laboured for six days and on the seventh they presented the songs in concert. This CD was recorded at that concert. The songwriters were Boo Hewerdine, Jez Lowe, Julie Matthews, Rory McLeod and Ruth Notman. The poets were Kate Fox and Elvis McGonagall. Theye were joined by instrumentalist Kate Bramley on fiddle. PLEASE NOTE:track 21 contains strong language.

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Track List
 All Along The Wall / Wallsend  00:00
 Church Of The Stolen Stones  00:00
 The Roman Wall Wasn't Built In A Day  00:00
 Dear Friend  00:00
 Other Side Of The Wall  00:00
 The Age Of Wind & Stone / Bridge Over Time  00:00
 Mostly Dreich  00:00
 Haltwhistle Women  00:00
 End Of The World  00:00
10   Opposite Sides Of The Wall  00:00
11   Rock Of Gelt / Walls  00:00
12   Blessing  00:00
13   Lizzie Batey  00:00
14   A War / Shepherd Who Lost His Sheep  00:00
15   Hadrian  00:00
16   The Wrong Side Of The Wall  00:00
17   Cursing Stone  00:00
18   Curse  00:00
19   Romanticus  00:00
20   Galloway Girl  00:00
21   North Of The Border  00:00
22   Bowness Bells  00:00
23   Walk On The Wild Side / Shore To Shore  00:00
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