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Having picked up plaudits such as "One of the top acoustic acts in the country" (R2), "A thinking man's band that has plenty to say" (Maverick)and "Three fine songwriters...highly skilled instrumental work" (fRoots), Elbow Jane return with their second album for Fellside. Their trademark vibrant sound and soaring harmonies are well to the fore on this set of new songs and given that they've got "two of the best male singers around" (Properganda) what more could you ask for?

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Track List
 Ode To Icarus (Falling From The Skies)  03:31
 The Boldest Blood  03:43
 On These Shores  04:04
 Not That Hard To Find  04:03
 Waiting For Life  02:54
 Gone Are The Days  04:47
 The Pilgrim's Lullaby  04:06
 The Devil's Hand  03:21
 The Crossing  04:25
10   Roll On By  03:03
11   Throw Me To The Wind  04:17
12   Hand Of Life  04:11
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