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Ewan McLennan released his debut album in 2010 and by the end of the year had been nominated for and later won the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Horizon Award for the best newcomer, Mojo put the album in its Top Ten Folk Albums of 2010 and in the Fatea Music Awards he was named ‘Best Male Vocalist of the Year'. Ewan now delivers his second album: mainly himself as before with just a little embellishment from John McCusker, Karine Polwart, Martin Simpson and Laurence Blackadder. Amongst his classy interpretations of traditional songs are three of his own compositions with ‘The Last Bird To Sing’ being particularly outstanding and worthy of being hailed as the song of the year. With much to live up to Ewan delivers a class album. “ A gorgeous lilting voice, a quietly assured and commending presence and some smart guitar arrangements” Mojo

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Track List
 Rolling Hills Of The Borders  04:07
 Whistling The Esperanza  05:27
 Jamie Raeburn  03:49
 Banks Of Marble  04:32
 The Last Bird To Sing  06:03
 Reeling & Staggering / Napolean Crossing The Alps  03:17
 Lichtbob's Lassie  02:52
 Joe Glenton  05:21
 Butcher's Boy  02:17
10   Killyclare  04:13
11   The Lass Of Aughrim / Ae Fond Kiss  04:08
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