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20/02/2013 - NEWS ABOUT NEWS
Following Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar winning the BBC Young Folk Award, The Hut People winning FATEA magazine's best duo album and the setting up of FELLSIDE and LAKE Facebook sites we've decided to suspend this source of news and from now on all the news will be on the respective FACEBOOK pages:- http://www.facebook.com/fellsiderecordings http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lake-Records
It has been an interesting summer! Paul and Linda's daughter, Su, married Kevin (and this added a third drummer to the family). They were married in a small church at the far end of the Borrowdale Valley, the wettest place in England, and the sun shone all the time. Fellside's assistant engineer/producer, Bob Hallard, became father to a lovely baby daughter and also got his Masters Degree in Psychology so he's now Robert Hallard BA MSc. (Bob is also a drummer). Our newest recruit in the studio, James Sibbit, got 10 A*s and 1 A in his GCSE exams and has gone into the 6th form (James is also a drummer). Paul and Linda's son, Richard, and his wife, Emily, are expecting their first baby in the New Year (you never know, might be a drummer). On the recording front Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar have reached the semi-finals of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards. They have had a very successful summer with their CD being very well received and some concentrated touring. It all calms down a bit as Greg has gone back to University in Exeter and Ciaran has gone into the 6th Form. Chris Barber is celebrating 60 years since he formed the first band which head the intention of turning professional and we have started a series called theDiamond Jubilee Collection to mark that.
14/05/2012 - LOTS OF GOOD NEWS
Response to the new CDs by The Hut People, Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys, Grace Notes and Bram Taylor and Ewan McLennan has been excellent. LACD300 - A Potted History of British Traditional Jazz - has been our fastest selling CD ever! We won Reissue and Compilation Of The Year with our Hedy West CD (FECD241) in the fRoots magazine's Critics Poll. On the Jazz side: in the British Jazz Awards, The Bateman Brothers' CD (LACD299) won best new CD and two CDs, LACD290 (Archie Semple) and LACD294 (Chris Barber) were in the top 5 reissues of the year. We have a second CD by former Young Folk Awards winner, James Findlay, due for release in the next couple of months. We have recently signed Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar and their CD is also due in the next few weeks. Mike Harding has already expressed his liking for Greg's work and has played one of the demo tracks on his BBC Radio 2 show. Later this month Hadrian's Union come into the studio to record their debut album. At the Keswick Jazz Festival earlier this month the new CDs by US Jazz musician Jeff Barnhart and the UK's Hot Fingers attracted a lot of interest and good sales. Fellside's latest recruit, 16 year old James Sibbitt, got to sit in on drums with Jeff Barnhart at the closing session of the Keswick Festival. James came on Work Experience and we were so impressed we kept him on. He already has some recording credits - his first was on Jack & Charlie's CD (FECD245).
14/05/2012 - Vintage Recording Project
We have released two CDs in the Vintage Recording Project (LACD289 The 1930s Jazz Recording Project and LACD311 In Glorious Mono) which aims to recreate how the music would have been recorded at the time (ie using a single ribbon microphone and a valve pre-amp). The response to the CDs has been excellent and we are now planning a third, a Vintage Big Band (think early Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Luis Russell, McKinneys Cottonpickers, etc. In October this year, following the Whitley Bay Classic Jazz Party, we will be assembling some of the finest musicians from the USA, UK, Europe and Australia who specialise in this style of music to make a recording. Paying the musicians properly, as well as accomodating them, is going to be expensive. Potential sales of this type of recording would not be high so under normal circumstances it might not be commercially viable. As a result we are looking for sponsorship; not from organisations - they wouldn't be interested - but from individuals. We are asking people to sponsor by contributing a minimum of £30. You will get your name in the booklet and a complimentary copy. We have set up a separate entity - VINTAGE RECORDING PROJECT - to handle the sponsorship. If you are interested please email us and we will send you the full details: info@fellside.com
06/12/2011 - END OF YEAR REPORT
You will see that keeping up with news is not our strong point - you can see why we don't blog, Tweet or Facebook. The reason is that we're so busy that there aren't enough hours in the day. As 2011 draws to a close we do have some good news. First of all in the British Jazz Awards we did very well: NEW CD 1. The Bateman Brothers Jazz Band – Now You Has Jazz (LACD299) REISSUE CD 3. Chris Barber’s Jazz Band – Elite Syncopations (LACD291) 4. The Clarinet of Archie Semple (LACD290) VOCALS 1. Val Wiseman – Sophisticated Lady (LACD263) For Fellside fRoots Magazine voted Hedy West's CD (FECD241) REISSUE OF THE YEAR. In the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Pilgrims' Way have been nominated for the HORIZON AWARD. Incidentally, Pilgrims' Way also released a Christmas EP for download only. With existing artists Bram Taylor and Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys releasing new albums (Bram's 10th for Fellside), Gren Bartley releasing a new solo album and two new acts being signed there's plenty of activity on Fellside. On LAKE we will have a special triple album to mark our 300th release plus two more in the Vintage Jazz Recording Project series. It looks like it could be some time before there's a moment to write a news report!
09/02/2011 - WINNERS ALL ROUND
In the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Ewan McLennan (FECD235)won the Horizon Award. Ewan also picked up Male Vocalist Of The Year in the FATEA magazine Folk Awards and his album was in the Top 10 Folk Albums Of The Year in Mojo. Lizzie Nunnery (FECD232)picked up the award for Best Debut Album in the Spiral Earth Awards and the Urban Folk Quartet (FECD233) were voted Best Newcomers in the Hancocks Awards. We've just released the new CD by James Findlay (FECD238) who won the BBC Young Folk Award in 2009. Oh, yes, in Music Magazine Fellside was voted no. 8 in the Best Record Companies of 2011! Thanks to all those who voted.
22/12/2010 - Best Independent Label Of Recent Times
All of a sudden lots of nominations are flying around. The Music Magazine has Fellside nominated as Best Independent Label Of Recent Times. You can vote at:http://www.themusicmagazine.co.uk/vote-for-the-best-record-labels-of-2010 Lizzie Nunnery as a nomination for best debut album of 2010 on the Spiral Earth website. Again you can vote. Go to:spiralearth.co.uk/spiralawards2011 That's on top of Wendy Weatherby and Ewan McLennan being nominated for Scottish Trad Music awards and Ewan being nominated for the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 'Horizon Award'(see last news entry) We're most definitely looking forward to 2011 with the very latest news that we've completed negotiations for a 'live' set from the 1980s/90s by Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick; a new album by Young Folk Award winner, James Findlay; a double CD of Child Ballads by A L Lloyd; Peter Bellamy's 'Barrack Room Ballads' and a double CD reissue of three albums by the wonderful Hedy West.
19/11/2010 - LATE LATE UPDATE
We've only just realised that this hasn't been updated for 10 months! With luck that shows how busy we've been. We took on a lot of new artists: Joe Topping, Lizzie Nunnery, Ewan McLennan, Wendy Weatherby, The Hut People, The Urban Folk Quartet and Suntrap on Fellside and The Bone Supremacy on Lake. All have received glowing reviews. Our reissue programme on Lake continues and also released albums by existing artists: Debbie Arthurs and Langham, Litton & Sked. Despite the general economic situation our sales have held up well which means people must like our CDs. The more we sell via our website the more viable we remain. Current news is that Wendy Weatherby and Ewan McLennan have both been nominated for the Scottish Folk Awards and Ewan has been nominated for the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in the Horizon category. Looking forward to 2011 look out for new albums from Elbow Jane, Bram Taylor, Sara Grey and Jack McNeil & Charlie Heys plus we're in discussions with a new band plus a solo artist. As always there are about ten reissues lined up for Lake plus two new bands - watch this space!
We enter 2010 in style with the news that many of our labels are now available as downloads from iTunes, Napster, Amazon, Play.com, Tesco and others. This has been a work-in-progress for some months now. We hope to introduce back catalogue and deleted items over the course of the next year or so. This is a long term project so don't expect miracles overnight - our catalogue is over 500 items without other labels we have acquired. We have also launched a new label MIDGE BITTEN RECORDS. It will feature Rock/Indie music and the first release, an EP by the Manchester based band Hayabusa, will be available as download only from the above sites from early February.
02/12/2009 - BRITISH JAZZ AWARDS 2009
A big thank you to everyone who contacted us to check we were all right following the floods in Cumbria. We had emails and phone calls from all over the UK as well as the US, New Zealand, Australia and sundry parts of Europe. We are too high up to be affected by floods, but collapsing road bridges are only about a quarter of a mile from us. We were without the internet for a couple of days and the phones were a bit random, but the effect has been more on our social life rather than our business one.
01/10/2009 - FIRST DAY COVER
The Manx government on the Isle Of Man are issuing a set of stamps showing the 'Ellan Vannin'. Of particular interest to us is Hughie Jones' most famous song, 'The Ellan Vannin Tragedy', which can be found on FECD81 HUGHIE'S DITTY BAG
LACD238 HUMPHREY LYTTLETON 1955-56 'BAD PENNY BLUES has won BEST REISSUE CD' in the 2008 BRITISH JAZZ AWARDS. LACD266 HUMPHREY LYTTELTON 'HUMPH EXPERIMENTS' is nominated in the same category ofr the 2009 Awards.
21/08/2009 - HECTIC AGAIN!
This year has seen no let up in the workload. We struck up a deal with DA Music in Germany to reissue some of the Black Lion label and the Chris Barber 'Barbican Blues' CD is the first one to be released. A number of our regular artiasts have made new albums: Spats Langham, Tom Kitching & Gren Bartley, The Queensberry Rules, Sara Grey, Andy May, Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys, The Fryer-Barnhart International All Star Jazz Band, The Savannah Jazz Band. We've also welcomed some new artists: the wonderful Elbow Jane, and the fabulous Charleston Chasers (we've been waiting for years to record them!) have released their CDs whilst in the pipeline are CDs by Joe Topping, Lizzie Nunnery and The Hut People. We also did a CD with our own 'house' band, The Lake Records Jazz Band. We welcomed back after several years (from LP days!) Ken Campbell. The extensive Jazz reissues have continued apace. Most of the above have been released, some are on the verge of being released and other will appear in the near future. The economic climate has been bleak, but we seem to be holding our own. We did very well last year despite having a lot of albums by new artists - until they become established sales are always very slow. We have a number of interesting projects being assembled at the moment.
22/01/2009 - INTO 2009
2008 as a very busy year and 2009 looks as though it will be even busier. We celebrate 25 years of the LAKE label and so there will be a hefty release programme with albums from Chris Barber, Ken Colyer, Humphrey Lyttelton and more. The Savannah Jazz Band are celebrating 30 years and we will have a new CD from them. There will also be a CD from The Lake Records All Star Jazz Band with special guest Duke Heitger. Spats Langham should be making a new album and we've just signed The Charleston Chasers and we're recording in February. On the folk side of things we welcome Elbow Jane to the label. A stunning band who are winning friends wherever they go. Their CD - released in March - is superb. Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley have finished their second album and, with luck, it will enhance their growing reputation. Northumbrian piper, Andy May, has also just completed his second album. As well as solo work and sessioning with various groups, Andy is a member of Jez Lowe's Bad Pennies (Fellside launched Jez Lowe's recording career in 1980!). There are other things in the pipeline which are on the verge of being contracted. As always, keep an eye on the website for new releases.
Things have been very busy here at Fellside HQ and, as a result, the News section has not been updated. The reason for things being frantic has been because Fellside has five new signings! Already out is a new album from the already well established group from Sheffield, CRUCIBLE. Just completed and due out in July is the Manchester based band, THE MAERLOCK, and, also in July, we will be starting on a new album with ELBOW JANE. Also completed and scheduled for late June is a CD by the duo, RACHEL NEWTON and LILLIUS KINSMAN-BLAKE. We also have another duo, JACK McNEILL & CHARLIE HEYS. Jack & Charlie were finalists in the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards and this CD has been recorded and produced by Bob Hallard, our young engineer who has since moved to Manchester to seek gainful employment instead of messing around in recording studios. We've also seen the release of CDs by long-term Fellside artists, GRACE NOTES and FRANKIE ARMSTRONG. There's also a regrouping of old favourites, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, into a trio with Rob Harbron (ex Dr Faustus) under the name of KERR, FAGAN, HARBRON. LAKE has seen the usual re-issue programme continuing, but we have done one CD we're rather proud of by KEN MATHIESON'S CLASSIC JAZZ ORCHESTRA. We're also in the process of finishing off a CD featuring the singer VAL WISEMAN and pianist, MARTIN LITTON. The CD is based around a show they are preparing of songs by Duke Ellington. One of our CDs, LACD245 Tribute To Paul Whiteman, has been nominated for an All Party Parliamentary Jazz Award.
The website was given 4 out of 5 in a review of sites by the Cumbrian based Business Gazette. We're still developing the site: you can now sample selected tracks and this facility should increase slowly over the next few weeks. You can also download selected tracks and albums via iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody. This, too, is an on-going project as we slowly build up the material available. To date it is concentrated on the FELLSIDE label, but some LAKE CDs are available.
Congratulations to the third, part-time member of the team, Bob Hallard, on getting a 2:1 in his Music degree. Despite needing to find a 'proper job' rather than hanging around a record company enjoying himself we expect he will be still be involved for some time to come. The summer has been excellent for our artists old and new: new signing, Last Orders, had very successful appearances at Cambridge and Cropredy Festivals; also new to us, Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley had a CD launch at Brampton Live and played a couple of storming sets; Fellside's longest serving artist, Bram Taylor, had a successful trip to Canada to appear at the Mariposa Folk Festival. Currently we are working on new albums with The Queensberry Rules and another new signing, Crucible. On the Jazz side it was a sad event which has received most attention. The death of George Melly featured a lot in the media. We released George's final recording and there will be a big spread in Jazz Rag magazine and on the Jools Holland show on BBC Radio 2 featuring the CD and Digby Fairweather's book about George. Two of our favourite people from the US, Jeff & Anne Barnhart passed through and helped to promote the two new CDs we have featuring Jeff, one with John Hallam and fourth by the Fryer-Barnhart International band.
02/07/2007 - The New Website
Welcome to our totally revamped website. This has been some time in development and we would like to think everything is working perfectly BUT we won't know until people start to use it. Have a browse around - even buy something - and please let us know if you encounter any problems. There is still work to be done on the catalogue, but, with luck it should all be done in the next few weeks.
27/11/2006 - BBC FOLK AWARDS
Congratulations to Nancy Kerr & James Fagan and Spiers & Boden both nominated for 'Best Duo' in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. No favourites at Fellside HQ - we're rooting for both duos as both thoroughly deserve to win!
The 30th anniversary CD is launched (FECD203) three CDs for the price of one. The three CDs are 'themed': 'Signposts' has tracks from significant albums in the Fellside story, 'Starting Points' deals with debut albums and 'Wayside Views'has tracks from one-off albums, artists who disappeared and other tracks which wouldn't fit on the other two CDs. "A love of folk music, both traditional and 'new wave', is apparent throughout and all thse recordings have a wonderfully 'live' sound that is warm yet full of detail. This is a fascinating and fitting tribute to thirty years of sterling work" NEW CLASSICS "..there's always more to Fellside Recordings Ltd than meets the ear. As a testament to Paul & Linda Adams' passion for traditional music 'Landmarks' is second to none. Few box sets are so appropriately named. Bravo! Here's to the next thirty!" LIVING TRADITION
31/03/2006 - 30th ANNIVERSARY
April sees the 30th anniversary of Fellside Recordings (the company and the Folk Music label - LAKE is a mere 22!). In preparation is a triple-CD-for-the-price-of-one collection of tracks gleaned from the whole catalogue of 200 albums. Entitled 'LANDMARKS'(FECD203) it will be released in June. We celebrate our 30th year with a new signing, THE QUEENSBERRY RULES, a trio who have been steadily making a name for themselves. Look out for their CD in the summer. We also welcome to the label the acclaimed, award-winning, Canadian singer/songwriter, James Keelaghan. We were introduced to James' songs by UK songwriter Jez Lowe who, in turn, established his reputation via a debut and five further albums on Fellside. On LAKE we welcome 'Spats' Langham via two CDs, one as a duo with Martin Litton and one with his own Hot Combination. Spats is a virtuoso guitar/banjo player specialising in 1920's and 1930s material. We also acquired the rights the two former LPs on the 77 label by the legendary trumpet player, Buck Clayton with Humphrey Lyttelton's Band. That is due for May release.
Fellside joins Myspace. You can view our entry at www.myspace.com/fellsiderecordings. We hope to have news soon of the availability of some of our albums on various download sites. Too early to confirm exact details, but certainly on its way. Sales of 'Landmarks' have been very good and we've had lots of coverage in various magazines particularly Living Tradition and one coming up in fRoots. Mike Harding's show on BBC Radio 2 did a feature. Almost all the CDs for this year have been released (we're just waiting for Debbie Arthurs' superb debut CD on LAKE to wrap things up. Lots of interest in The Queensberry Rules album which is very encouraging.
08/02/2006 - NEWSFLASH!!!!!!
There will be a feature on Fellside's 30 years including an interview with Paul and four tracks from the 'LANDMARKS' (FECD230) CD on Mike Harding's programme on BBD Radio 2 on 16th August. The programme goes out between 8 and 9 pm.
28/11/2005 - Awards Nominations & Accolades
FOLK NEWS Spiers & Boden continue to conquer all before them - in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards they have been nominated for 'Best Duo' and, from their latest album 'Songs' (FECD194), the song 'Sir Rylas' has been nominated for best traditional track. 'Sir Rylas' will also appear on the compilation CD of Folk Award nominees. Their Big Band, Bellowhead is also nominated for 'Best Live Act' and 'Best Band'. They are also members of 'Eliza Carthy & The Ratcatchers' who also have been nominated for 'Best Live Act'. Look out for them in the January edition of 'Mojo'. Due out in January is a new CD by Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, 'Strands of Gold' (FECD199). It is their first album for almost four years following Nancy's decision to take a University course. They will be touring Australia and New Zealand between January on April and return to the UK for the album's promotional tour in mid-April. JAZZ NEWS In the December/January edition of 'Jazz Review' album critic, Ben Cree, listed five LAKE CDs in his top ten albums of the year:- KEN COLYER - NEW ORLEANS TO LONDON - LACD209 CHRIS BARBER - IN SWITZERLAND 1974/75 - LACD208 CY LAURIE - A JAZZ CLUB SESSION - LACD199 HUMPHREY LYTTELTON - BLUES IN THE NIGHT - LACD216 ALEX WELSH - ECHOES OF CHICAGO - LACD215
23/05/2005 - NEW RELEASES
The new DR FAUSTUS (FECD189) is out - "complex vocal arrangements the enrich the textures of the pieces, and the confidence that comes from there being no weak link in the line-up....all tracks being delivered with drive and panache." LIVING TRADITION. The second SONG LINKS (Anglo-American songs)FECD190D was launched majestically at Cecil Sharp House in London in April and is already selling well. The eagerly awaited third album from SPIERS & BODEN FECD192 has just arrived and we expect it to attract a lot of interest. Some excellent reviews of Jon Loomes' FEARFUL SYMMETRY, FECE186, have been trickling through: "traditional song is alive and well as is traditional music in the hands of Mr Loomes" SHREDS & PATCHES; "Do yourself a favour, if you want to see the future of folk in safe hands then buy this record" LIVING TRADITION
LAKE Records have been nominated in the BBC Radio Jazz Awards for the reissue series, THE RECORD SUPERVISION COLLECTION based on the old Pye 'JAZZ TODAY' series and Columbia 'LANSDOWNE JAZZ' series. Voting is by the public so if you feel inclined to support us and vote for us go to:- www.bbc.co.uk/music/jazzawards2005/ and register your vote!
The companion to 'TUNES' (FECD192), 'SONGS' (FECD194) is now available via the website (it will not be in the shops before 17 October). On the LAKE label we have a new CD teaming two popular figures from the UK Jazz festival circuit, the incredible pianist from the US, Jeff Barnhart, and the vaery talented redd player John Hallam (LACD220). One of the most popular and best-selling of the current bands we have is the Fryer-Barnhart International All Stars and we have reissued their first CD (LACD221). We recorded it, but it was originally issued privately. In the Record Supervision series we have a superb album featuring the seemingly unlikely pairing of Acker Bilk and Stan Tracey (LACD218). In July we attended Chris Barber's 75th birthday concert in Liverpool. We have an extensive collection of Chris Barber tracks on CD from his amateur band (LACD158) through the fifties, sixties and seventies.
In some way 2004 was very much a ‘holding’ year for us despite there being some very worthwhile releases (for example, Bram Taylor celebrated 20 years with Fellside with a new CD). Artists tend to make a new album about once every eighteen months. Some managed to get a little out of that pattern and, particularly on the Fellside label, a number of our most significant artists are all making new CDs. So, look out for new albums from Dr Faustus, 422, Spiers & Boden, and, later in the year, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan. In January we released a debut CD by a new young singer emerging on the scene, Jon Loomes, and this is already having a very positive reception. We will also be making a debut album with a young singer called Maddie Southorn – she is a voice to look out for. We also took Fellside into the realms of budget priced samplers with ‘Men Folk’, ‘Women Folk’ and ‘Cutting Edge’. These have been selling extremely well and serve as snapshots of the range and diversity of the material on the Fellside label. Look under the Fellside Budget section of the catalogue. They supplement the Repertoire series of compilations from the old Traditional Sound Recordings label. We also have a budget sampler series on the LAKE label. The most recent one of Gospel music has proven to be a very big seller. Look out for at least two more before the end of the year. The Record Supervision Collection series continues. This year sees Terry Lightfoot’s 50th anniversary as a band leader and to mark the occasion we are releasing his first LP, ‘Tradition In Colour’ (which also includes the EP ‘Trad’ which was the first time the word ‘trad’ appeared as a title) as part of the RSC series. In the early 1960s two LPs by Acker Bilk, ‘The Noble Art of Mr Acker Bilk’ and ‘The Seven Ages of Acker’ both spent some time in the Melody Maker Jazz Charts – we have combined them onto one CD. 2004 is the 30th anniversary of Sandy Brown, one of the UK’s most original Jazz musicians. To mark the event we have reissued ‘Doctor McJazz’, one of his landmark albums. To complete the first of 2004’s RSC albums we have a double CD of three classic, and much sought after, concerts by Chris Barber’s Jazz Band. In the Spring of 2004 we released the first CD for LAKE by TJ Johnson. It received universal acclaim. Here in 2005, hot on its heels, is another CD. The first one featured guest musicians whereas this one is by TJ’s current working band. It’s the same mixture of Jazz, Blues, Gospel and even a touch of Country. TJ plays piano and drums and, of course, sings superbly. It’s a young band, which includes reed player, Adrian Cox (ex-Richard Bennett band) who already has a huge fan base at the age of 20! It’s easy to see why the band is so popular on the jazz club and festival circuit both in the UK and in Europe. You will find dotted around the website various bargains – just look in the price box.