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CD Description:
The calendar in traditional song. This CD follows the seasons with songs about the seasons or songs connected with festivals and rituals – from harvest to pace-egging.

Track Listing:
The Moon Shine Bright – Rams Bottom; The Oxplough Song – Johnny Collins; Gloucestershire Wassail – Ian Woods & Charley Yarwood; Trunkles – Laurence Platt; Jack In the Green – White Hart; April Song – Jolly Jack; The Jolly Boys Song – Preston Isle Metal Band; The Buffoon – Laurence Platt; Midgley Pace Egg Song – Derek & Dorothy Elliott; Jennifer Gentle – Martin Carter; Bedfordshire May Song – White Hart; The Five Wells – The Ripley Wayfarers; Brimbledon Fair – Jon Rennard; Gee Cross Fair/How Do You Do – Tom Shepley’s Band; Long Meg & Her Daughters – Linda Adams; Bonny Hawthorn – Johnny Collins; Country Gardens – Laurence Platt; Mottram Wakes – Tom Shepley’s Band; Harvest Song – Johnny Collins; Souling Song – Paul & Linda Adams with Stuart Owen; The Tupper’s Song – Notts Alliance; All You that Are Good Fellows – Graham & Sheila Nelmes; Shepherds Arise – White Hart; The Boar’s Head Carol – Teesside Fettlers; Four Seasons – Bob Diehl, Phil Bartlett, Gerry Murphy, Dave Hillery, Dave Howes; Nowell, Nowell – Rams Bottom; The Turning Of The Year – Farmstead.

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